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For the Best Price On All Your Optical Needs

Including contact lenses, sunglasses and even spectacles. We don't sell "Home Brand" products - we only sell the brands you know and trust just at prices far less than your used to in stores.

Optics-Online provides discount sunglasses, contact lenses and spectacles at wholesale prices and we deliver them to your door. We've cut the normal costs of a retail store and passed these savings onto you. Just about any type of contact lens, brand of sunglass or spectacle frame can be ordered for less through Optics-Online. No "Home Brands". No Copies or Fakes. No Seconds. All genuine firsts or your money back.

If you need something thats not listed - just ask. Some manufacturers forbid us to advertise their product on our site but sometimes we can still supply them - so if in doubt shoot us an email
Serengeti - the worlds finest driving sunglasses
Rayban - For more than 70 years Rayban has been making sunglasses you can trust
Revo - Polarise your life - since reinventing itself a year ago, Revo are now making some of the best polarised sunglasses in the world
Bolle - established in 1888, Bolle make premium sunglasses using the best lens materials
Nike - the famous sport brand make sunglasses specifically for sport and better performance
Fashion brands such as Fendi, Guess, CK, Dior, Gucci, Prada, Versace, D&G and Oakley just to name a few.

There are quite a few brands out there we can also supply but can't advertise the fact on the web site - if in doubt email us the brand and model and we'll endeavour to help save you money

100% Genuinely Australian

(Unlike some Asian,UK and US companies masquerading as Aussie - don't be fooled by the fact some companies have an aussie flag on its home page or in its domain name) We can supply your optical needs to areas of Australia faster and at lower cost than can be achieved from the US and other parts of the world. Also Australian orders aren't complicated with dollar conversions and customs hassles associated with orders from International companies. We are a family owned and operated business and pride ourselves on trying to offer not only the best prices but also the best in service to go with it.

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Australian law requires that for all first time orders of contacts,we require you to supply a copy of your current contact lens prescription.

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