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Acuvue 2 6 pack


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6 lenses of same power so if you have different scripts in each eye and want a 6 pack for each eye then you need 2 boxes in quantity

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As an evolution of the original ACUVUE® contact lenses, ACUVUE® 2 was first introduced in 1999. The main difference is a reduced edge height which further improves the feel.

In addition the lenses are also - same as the original - designed for two-week daily wear or one-week continuous wear. This means that you put them in, live and sleep in them for seven days and six nights, and then throw them away and start with a fresh pair. The thin design allows oxygen to be transmitted to the eye.

Features and Benefits of ACUVUE® 2 Contact Lenses

  • ACUVUE® 2 contacts are easy-to-use and comfortable enough to wear for up to 7 consecutive days.

  • An inside-out mark helps you to insert the lenses correctly every time.

  • They are slightly tinted, so the lens is easier to recognize and handle plus a high level of UV Blocking helps to protect portions of your eyes.

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