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Metal. Acetate. O Matter. Plus prescription-ready sunglasses. A prescription eyewear style for every desire wrapped in the technology of every need. From the office to any playing surface, prescription eyewear for everywhere in between.

If your favourite Oakley frame isn't shown- shoot us an email to info@optics-online.com.au and we'll get back to you with our best price - want a price for the complete pair of specs?? - email the script and what type of lenses your after as well and we'll quote these as well for you

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Oakley Limit Switch -
$134.55 ($103.83 USD )
In stock
Oakley Tincup -
$180.91 ($139.60 USD )
In stock
Oakley Lizard -
$192.73 ($148.72 USD )
In stock
Oakley Pitchman -
$160.91 ($124.17 USD )
In stock
Oakley Airdrop -
$126.36 ($97.51 USD )
In stock

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Australian law requires that for all first time orders of contacts,we require you to supply a copy of your current contact lens prescription.

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