You can pay for order a few different ways...

1.On credit card - we accept Mastercard and Visa - sorry but no Diners or Amex.

2. You can do a direct debit into our account - just email us for more details

3. You can post us a cheque or money order - just email us for details if you choose this option

4. PayPal - pay using the safety of PayPal from your credit card or bank account - all international orders must be paid via Paypal

Got more questions?

Then feel free to contact us at

Want to talk - email us your phone number and we'll call you back with your answers.

Australian law requires that for all first time orders of contacts,we require you to supply a copy of your current contact lens prescription.

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The material provided on this site is for informational purposes only. It is higly recommended to have a regular eye check-up. Proper use of contact lenses is upon optometrist instructions. At any time you experience pain or discomfort from your contact lens, discontinue use immediately and consult your optometrist.